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Spencer Garrett: "Success is a relative thing!"

A promise: "Hope to see you in Italy soon"

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Today we welcome Spencer Garrett, guest in my book in Sestodailynews, come to know it together!

A third-generation actor, Spencer is the son of actress Kathleen Nolan, a former two-term president of the Screen Actor's Guild. Father is Richard Heckenkamp, former head of Film Artists Associates, a talent agency. Spencer was raised in New York and Los Angeles and attended Duke and Fordham Universities before embarking on his theatrical studies with acclaimed teacher Sanford Meisner.::Anonymous.

Spencer Garrett is an American actor who has appeared in television programs, television films, films, and in minor roles in blockbuster productions like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Public Enemies, and Air Force One.

Tell me about your approach  the art world-

"I have been an actor for almost 25 years in film, television and theatre, and the one thing I can say about MY particular "art world" is that the landscape is constantly changing. Now with this wonderful renaissance in cable television -they are calling it a new "Golden Age" - and the variety of platforms on which to view programming (Netflix, You Tube, the internet etc) there are more and more opportunities for actors and artists to do their work. It's a very exciting time."

-What can you tell me about your success-

"Success is a relative thing. I have been working in the industry a long time. have been regarded as a "successful working actor" for several years - but only recently have I gotten to a point where one would be regarded as "successful" by the industry. I am working now more than I ever have and maybe that's because I am regarded as a reliable actor. One who can deliver. I don't know, really. I tend to get recognized a lot for this project or that and that is a very satisfying thing, to be appreciated for the work. I've never been a "star". Just a working character guy. And that's ok. The character actors are the ones I grew up admiring. Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Duvall. Those guys have been around a long time and there's a reason why. Also, they all came from the theatre, as I did."

-Which director/author would I like to work with-

"There's a long list of directors I'd love to work with. A few of them are no longer with us. I would have loved to work with Robert Altman or John Schlesinnger - actor's directors. I am a huge fan of Truffaut and Alain Resnais.Today I'd love to work with Scorcese, of course. Woody Allen. Mike Nichols anyytime! I've done three projects with Michael Mann and he has become a great friend and mentor. That relationship is very important to me and I had long been an admirer of his work. I could go on, and on.... The last couple of films I worked on took me to Asia. One for Michael Mann called "Cyber" - a thriller with Chris Hemsworth and Viola Davis. And a month after coming home from Kuala Lumpur I went to Chaingmai, Thailand for a film with Owen WIlson and Pierce Brosnan called "The Coup". You can guess what it's about. Next month I start work on a new t.v series called "Satisfaction". About the dark underbelly of "the perfect American Family".. It's a drama with some comic shading. I hope we run for years!"

-How would I define myself in 3 words-

"Only three words? You're asking an ACTOR to keep it to three words!? Ok: Driven....passionate....exhausted."

The interview ends here...but Spencer ends with a promise: "Hope to see you in Italy soon!" Thank you Spencer, me too!!

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