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Annamaria Citino: "I'm whole cherries" from a book to ... taste!

Eros ... at the cherry flavor: Eroticism and sensuality in verses!

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When still a sunset over the sea will steal your heart and night catches fire sprinkling of stars on the sky, it means that the spirit is alive.

After the great success of "3 CUORI" the sensual and erotic poetry of Annamaria Citino returns in a new and fragrant anthology ...

She is a teacher and lives in Conegliano (TV). In 2000 she qualified for the teaching of Philosophy and Educational Sciences. Solar and courageous poetress, able to express elegant and sensual verses.

Passionate about theater, she starred in the comedy "Shakespeare's Women" by Edward Faiello. "3 Cuori" is her first work.

Annamaria Citino in her second literary effort "I am whole cherries", expresses the essence of her thought.

She does this through a poetics based on a disarmingly simple but, at the same time, technically good structure.

From her Mediterranean origins, the author derives the heat of passion, the intensity of colors and the ability to be penetrated by strong emotions bringing them at the highest levels. Spicy, provocative, uninhibited, her anthology not only caters to fans of the genre, but it is of help to anyone who wants to get closer to the erotic poetry and passion.

The Citino that, in life as in art, certainly doesn't show conventionality as main prerogative, plays with ease and at the same time mischievous ingenuity with what should be the prerogative of every form of artistic communication: the ability to capture the more intense nuances of primary emotions.

While reading you will notice how the writer Calabrian-Sicilian-Venetian, through a work of emotional sublimation, manages the difficult feat of transforming the innermost desires in the most primordial sweet poetic notes. Enza Iozzia (in the picture with the author)

I'm whole cherries, Annamaria Citino publisher: Melino Nerella Editions pages: 94 Price: 10.00 €

Anna, for you, readers of Sestodailynews, so tells about herself ...

I have always loved writing since I was 14y.o.. I turned to the poetry and especially that of Neruda and D'Annunzio, I was fascinated by the fact that it could be summarized in a few words ...

Transmuting deep thoughts, emotions and feelings and magically transfer them on a white sheet. Translate life in verses! A dream I've always had, until when I was offered the opportunity to introduce myself in a show by Paul Bonolis in:

"Next another" and his invitation to dedicate to him the verses I wrote mentally instantly, the conductor was speechless and in the commercial break he said if I was looking for a publisher ..

So was that some Publishers looked for me to publish my poems and I have to say that the first anthology 3Cuori had a positive response from the public. This made me realize that I had taken the right path and that my poems like the songs are to be sung.

I call the poems the Sun of the soul; my verses are appreciated by all sections of society, even the most simple can approach them and this for me is very nice.

Who would you like to thank for your success?

One person, a friend named Enrico, who made ​​me realize that in life we ​​must be proud of ourselves without fear of judgment by dropping the masks that often we bring in and be able to flow from the heart those wonderful thoughts that are vital momentum.

I also thank for my success a writer Patrizio Pacioni who has reserved in his Blog in early times a showcase for my verses and of course the today publisher Melino Nerella who dared to publish the verses.

You know, the poetry is a difficult terrain but mine, he says (Melino) is sold and liked, is fresh, young and full of poetic inspiration. So what's your new project? It's published my new anthology "I'm whole cherries" which is a response to the great poet Neruda, I state that I like all the poetry, from Merini to Leopardi to Hikmet ... Neruda says, "I would like to do with you as the spring does with the cherry trees" then I would have said, "for you are all cherries"!

My poetry has been described as erotic, but I would say sensual, elegant, it talks about love not just a platonic love, but also of the body, meeting with each other, the true meaning of Eros, the life force that defeats Thanatos. The phrase that best represents me and I love it: "I wanted, very strongly I wanted .. And instead Sicilian "ciu scuru ri mezzannotti nun po 'ffari."

(Darker than midnight it cannot be)

The author that I like the most?

Josephine Torregrotta, I was struck by her book "The taster" and Paulo Coelo that, among others, with the latter we had the same intuition "cherries on the cover" but my book came out in April ... his one in june! "I'm whole cherries"'s meaning is that I am a generous woman, passionate, genuine, authentic, I am always myself!

What is your advice to young people?

My students respect me for this and I teach them the authenticity and diversity as a value, I always tell them to be "Authentic".

If you go back what you would not do again?

If you could go back in my life I would not marry, a big bluff ahhahaahaha! On an artistic level I always go head-on, I am proud to be who I am and I am also humble. I am a free woman, certainly I owe a lot of me to Veneto, the land where I live and where I was in my opinion appreciated, however Sicily, as in one of my poems, I carry it engraved in my heart, its colors, its scents, its flavors, are an exaltation of the senses.

This year, with my book, I did a project with youngsters "Love poetry, mirror of the soul", with comparison of readings by authors chosen by them, to point out that my favorite movie (this is not covered by your questions) is

"Dead Poets Society" (it.: "L'attimo Fuggente") ...

"Gather ye rosebuds when it's time" ...

"You know time flies" and "The flower that blooms today, tomorrow will die" ... "Fight for a dream color your life donot throw it away!"

How would you close our meeting, with which sentence?

I love young people, they are the future and we must bring them closer to the love of literature ... The poetry will save us from perpetual oblivion ... Life is in my verses and I write a lived day with a heart full of youth and like the flight of a gull free on the sea ...!

And to us there is nothing left than taste the cherries ... reading a good book, perhaps under the umbrella!

Presentation of the book, in Sicily:

Scoglitti at the Capannina, July 25. Punta Braccetto, square Camping Luminoso, July 26. Scicli, July 27. Pozzallo August 8. Stelle di Giorno will be present at the next interview, the next thrill!


Stelle di Giorno will be present at the next interview, the next thrill!

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